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The best place to get Gym Training, Personal Training, Body Stretching, and much more.

Gym training

Our trainers are here to assist you and keep you motivated every step of the way to achieve your fitness goal with our gym training. You will receive expert advice and training on range of important factors related to your fitness.

Personal training

Rayz the Bar provides a variety of personal training programs to fulfill your unique fitness needs. We provide a comprehensive set of options to assist you in reaching your fitness objectives.

Body stretching

The latest fitness achievement is ultimate flexibility. And with the help of an experienced trained you can let your muscles heal by hiring a professional personal trainer.

Full body stretching session

We specialize in assisted stretching, flexibility training, and rehabilitation. Stretch treatment, NormaTec compression, and much more.

Strengthening conditioning training

At Rayz the Bar, our strengthening & conditioning programs are designed to build muscle in the areas of the body that matter the most, no matter your age.  

Boxing training

Our boxing lessons range from beginner to expert, and involve a unique combination of shadow boxing, trainer mitt work, bag work, and strength training.

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hello I'm Rashwn Brown

I believe that with better body, you can have a better life and nothing stays too far from your reach. Once you have your health in check and you heart pumping blood you will train in confidence and believe in yourself a little more every day. TO everyone who thinks they can’t I tell them that they can and they will.

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Affordable Nutrition guidance and Best Personal Training in Ronkonkoma

We raise your confidence

Rashwn has altered many people’s lives and continues to deliver excellent personal training services. Tasha can help you obtain the physique, strength, and energy you need, whether your goal is to develop larger biceps, lose weight, or enhance joint health. Here are some more advantages of working with Rashwn.

-Workout routines tailored to your specific fitness requirements

-Rashwn’s training style does not have a “one size fits all” approach.

-Email and phone help are both unlimited.

-Nutritional advice

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Satisfaction that speaks

It fits our needs perfectly. I am amazed by the quality of their Gym Services. I'll recommend everyone to join them for best results.
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Lara Peters​
"I'd be lost without Gym Services of Rayz The Bar dynamics. Their services have completely surpassed our expectations. Thanks again!"
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Lara Peters​

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