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Traditional brokerages missed the mark, Making the process of starting/growing your real estate portfolio, time consuming and frustrating.

Bringing complicated formula’s, high interest rates, and low return on investment. With little to no yearly growth in your real estate portfolio, and all while taking a high percentage of your profits.

We at Nation Wide Real Estate pride ourselves on having a clear, explainable, process. That will increase your real estate portfolio, guaranteed. With 5+ ways of growing the amount of rental Properties you own (which includes but isn’t limited to… single family rentals, room for room rentals, commercial business property rentals, multi-family units, and Air BNB properties. All with different levels of qualifications, providing you and I with plenty of different options based on your budget)

We will personally qualify you over the phone, and set up and an individual plan for You and your portfolio to grow as quick as we can.

Property management

Not only will we help you increase your portfolio by finding the properties at an under market value, lowering your mortgage and adding to your monthly percentage. We will dedicate to finish the renovations if needed, and completely manage your property for 10%-20% of the rental profits. This includes. Creating leasing contracts for tenants, collecting deposit and move in fee’s, collecting rent, Saving a 2%-3% profits for your yearly taxes. Creating a savings account/getting insurance for your properties. Keeping updates on the condition of your property with routine checks, and keeping a file of applicants for easy transitions when a client moves out, and needs to be replaced. Making updates to the homes when necessary. Tracking and monitoring your properties and the profits, with a bi-weekly, monthly report of your financial accounts. Emailed directly to you.

Lifestyle living

We are often asked why we got into this field and why we do what we do. As a team we love the idea of being able to secure financial freedom for men and women who are stuck in a 9-5 and have been consistently working for their family with very little growth financially, with proven age old processes that guarantee our success. Our goal is to increase, or to start your portfolio for you while you work. With both options of finding properties at a really low market value that need repairs (usually only 1 loan is needed, where we include the cost of the house and cost of repairs in the same loan, executed through an escrow account) in the market that we can fix and flip for cash profit. (with profit potentials from $100,000+)


We have studied Multiple markets all around the US sand scoured to find you the best houses, with the most profit potential, wasting no time increasing your portfolio at maximum capacity.

Real Estate Investment Services

Portfolio Services

For those who already have investment properties but haven’t really been tracking the income from the properties, and/or are overwhelmed with the amount of time it’s taking on their off time to manage their properties. We can come in, and organize and structure a written portfolio for you. Align your numbers to give you clarity on your portfolio as a whole monthly or Bi-weekly report. While also providing a clear avenue for growth. Taking away the stress of managing your properties alone. And giving you the most information possible from an investment company.

Real Estate Valuation Services

We gather and calculate benefits and values that are going to help you in the future.

Real Estate Due Diligence

We provide real estate due diligence to thoroughly inspect the fundamentals of the property, seller, financing, and compliance obligations to reduce and mitigate financial uncertainties.

Loan information

Growing your income from your liquid cash is possible to acquire a down payment if you have assets without a down payment or if you don’t want to pull out of your savings to grow your investment. We can discuss this and different real estate industry secret tips with you also.


We Deliver Measurable Results

Get a driven rate lower than the market price.

Finding houses in good condition without a need of repairs, and turning them into rentals increasing your monthly budget with the profits from houses with the lowest mortgage and at the lowest profits doubling your mortgage to up to 5x you’re mortgage. We have options for you.

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Best real estate consultant ever

Nation Wide Real Estate helped me double my portfolio in a year!

Gianna Irvin

Working with hank was our smartest decision

I was having Trouble managing my properties. Going back and forth between properties, and finding new tenants was becoming more difficult. I called Nationwide Real Estate and we were able to fill my houses, track my income, and now I have a written portfolio sent to my accountant every month and has allowed me to free up my time to focus on my hobbies and family time!

John Oliver

Working with a real estate consultant turned out to be very profitable for us

I was struggling finding an entry point for years into the real estate industry. I was beginning to think it was impossible. But Nation Wide Real Estate helped me get my first rental property, and after 4 and a half months got me into my second property from the value in the first property!

Becky George