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About Us

Legally Clean Hauling LLC’s stress-free moving and rubbish removal services will lift the burden off your shoulders and ease the strain on your back. We go above and beyond to make sure all of our customers have a stress-free moving or rubbish pick up experience. We treat your valuables with care and respect. Our basic aim with Junk removal is to provide you with the comfortability and take away the stress of managing Junk on your own. Why do you need to do it yourself when you can get the professionals to do it for you?

Debris Removal

Got unwanted debris that you are tired to look at all the time? Call the Experts.

Junk Removal

Don’t let the junk stink up the place any longer, get our regular Junk removal services

Residential and Commercial

Let’s keep our environment clean and let us get on top of it by removing any residential or commercial junk.

Hauling Service

We have got the truck that can carry any load that requires us to remove any waste from a property, and that too, very quickly.

Our Services

Appliance Recycling

It’s best to get the appliance removed from your property in a timely manner and we have a team that can rid you off that hassle.

Furniture Removal

We offer skilled maneuver that can expertly demonstrate a prompt furniture removal, right then and there.

Hot Tub Removal

It can be daunting to remove a hot tub from a certain space which is why you need an expert team to take it on for you.

Carpet removal

The sooner you get a carpet removed from your space the better. We have a skilled team that can remove carpets with all the professionalism required.

Mattress disposal

useless mattress can form many bacteria that can turn out to be harmful for health. Let us help you remove them right away.

Electronics recycling

We provide certified solutions and management for electronic recycling. Our equipment or appliance disposal is kept transparent with our customers.