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Asphalt Services in Cocoa FL

We are more than just an asphalt services provider; we hold numerous certifications and considered to be prime contractors that is pre-qualified in Cocoa, FL.

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Your Certified Asphalt Experts in Cocoa, FL!

We value your project and we work hard to provide the best experience we can offer. Whether you are a business or individual customer, our service team will be happy to help you with your asphalt project in Cocoa, FL. Asphalt paving and repairs, asphalt replacement, waterproofing, concreting, site markings, backhoe service, potholes, billboards, and many other services are among the ones we offer.

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Asphalt Paving in Cocoa, FL

Asphalt paving is quicker to install, looks way better, and lasts much longer. Most individuals don’t think about all the advantages provided when the correct material is selected and take roads and driveways for granted. Asphalt is superior for general ride comfort, style, your cost, and the environment, as we effectively applied.

Asphalt Replacement in Cocoa, FL

However, there are some situations in which replacing a driveway or parking lot is not only preferable but also necessary. After around 15 years, your roadway will surely start to deteriorate structurally. Therefore, if it is getting old or is causing too much damage, it would be far more beneficial to replace it entirely.

Asphalt Repairing and Replacement is Essential!

Your roadway or parking area will become unsafe due to holes, gaps, unequal paving, faint markings, etc. This will reflect badly on your company or organization. It’s crucial to speak with knowledgeable experts at a business who can advise you on whether your asphalt requires repairs or if a replacement is necessary. Your driveway, parking spaces, and other paved surfaces will receive prompt, high-quality asphalt repairs or replacement from our skilled team.

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For all of your asphalt repair and replacement requirements in Cocoa, FL! We have the knowledge and tools necessary to meet the paving repair and maintenance requirements of local, governmental as well as commercial clients, from crack filling and patching to sealing and preventative maintenance. 

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Asphalt Services in Cocoa FL

 If you live in Cocoa, FL, and looking for high-end Asphalt for your park area, then you are at the right place. Alejandro Alonso Jr is a leading company that offers the best and most affordable Asphalt services in Cocoa, FL. So, whenever you are looking for high-quality asphalts using cutting-edge manufacturer procedures, our asphalts solutions are designed to perform better and meet the quality and standards for sustainable building, becoming an increasingly important issue for all industry players by making the best use of recycled aggregate products.

We manufacture fresh, high-quality asphalts using cutting-edge manufacturing procedures. Our asphalt solutions are designed to perform better and meet the standards for sustainable building, becoming an increasingly important issue for all industry players by making the best use of recycled aggregate products. Below is a quick review of Professional Asphalt services in Cocoa, FL.

Professional Asphalt Services in Cocoa, FL 

If you are searching the professional and outstanding, sustainable Asphalt services in Cocoa, FL, then you are on the right track. We offer affordable, reliable, and best Asphalt that fits your needs and requirements. Suppose you want Asphalt services in Cocoa, FL. Then, you have to call us and get our professional and high-quality Asphalt for your needs and requirements. Continue your reading on the same page and get an overview of the best Paving in Cocoa, FL.

The Best Paving in Cocoa, FL

If your footpath or parking area is damaged due to drainage, you will require the best pavement for your place. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a new paved area. Before we begin our paving operation, we will discuss your concept and provide our expert opinion on placement, size, and cost. Furthermore, we will ensure that any drainage issues are handled and that your property has a solid foundation so that vehicles can drive on it securely.

If you desire a sturdy surface for driving, you need to get in touch with Alejandro Alonso Jr. We offer the best and most professional Paving in Cocoa, FL. Feel free and give us a call for a free quote and consultation. We will be happy to serve you. We also offer professional and dependable seal coating near you.


Are you looking for professional and dependable sealcoating in Cocoa, FL? If you are looking, then you are on the right track. We offer the best, most professional, and most reliable seal coating in Cocoa, FL. Feel free and give us a free quote and consultation; you will be happy to hear that we are running a promotional discount for our customers; if you are our regular or irregular customer doesn’t matter then you must dial the below number and get our quickest response. If you need a Potholes services in Cocoa FL, then you have to continue your study on the same page and know more about Potholes in Cocoa FL. 

If your road, parking area or footpath has cracked, then you have to do is to get our professional potholes services in Cocoa FL. We are always ready to help you. We are available 24 hours a day. 

Furthermore, if you want to improve curb attractiveness, traffic flow and safety of your parking area, you have to call us.  Customers are greeted by striping as soon as they enter a business parking lot. Striping paint is excellent for motorways, airports, and parking lots since it dries quickly and leaves no trace in 15 minutes or less.

Besides all, a well-striped parking lot can improve curb attractiveness, traffic flow, and safety. We offer pothole repair services that can help to level and restore your pavement by addressing the depression, filling it in, and smoothing it out.

Contact Alejandro Alonso Jr for all your business paving, seal coating, striping, and maintenance needs. We offer new roadway paving and parking lot services for commercial structures, office buildings, retail and restaurant facilities, and housing projects. Furthermore, we are professionals in parking lots, street repairs, upkeep, and maintenance.